The age old art of faking it…

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Is she faking it?

Recently several news items have caught my eye.

Firstly the story last week about a huge explosion in the UK, thought to be the result of a counterfeit vodka distilling operation gone horribly wrong (

Then today a story about an entire fake Apple store in China (

Under 20? Ask your Dad what this is!

It appears that counterfeiters have never had it so good. Gone are the days of my childhood when the only fake goods I ever came across were poor quality music tape rip-offs of 80’s albums sold openly on street markets across europe.

In these tough economic times, its easy to relegate the issue to the back pages – after all, fakers (outside or inside of the bedroom) arent really hurting anyone but the rich multi-national companies (or their CEOs) that we all love to hate – right?

Well ask yourself this. Would you be happy to sit back and watch a knock off DVD?

Maybe your answer is yes.

Ok fine… so what if that film you are watching is an in-flight movie on board a plane fitted with counterfeit parts?( Not such a relaxing movie anymore right?

Fake Malaysian "Scotch"?

Now how about that chilled glass of whisky on the rocks you are sipping on at 35,000 ft? (

Reaching for the sick bag yet?

Maybe popping a pill for your nerves will help?(

So the next time you think about buying that fake handbag / NFL t shirt / Rolex Watch – think twice. It may be “harmless” fake bags one day but its a short ride to the sort of counterfeiting that ruins lives and often ends them.


The worst experience you may have from buying a fake iphone is short product life and dropped calls. But try


justifying your purchase to the family and friends of a Scots-woman who died in 2003 from drinking fake vodka( or to the many Ecuadorians more recently (

Airplane! Spot the fake

And as for the worrying problem of fake airplane parts, surely they’ve never actually caused a crash – right? Wrong – ponder this next time you fly:

Tomorrow: a new whisky review (guarenteed 100% genuine and fake free!)

Music to drink to: Radiohead – Fake plastic trees

Download it here: Fake Plastic Trees (Live) [CD 2] - EP - Radiohead


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